The first workshop on the “In-Air-Capturing” technology and its application to future launch vehicles took place as online conference on the 10 th of February 2021. With over 40 participants from all over the European space sector, including attendees from ESA, the representatives of the European Commission, several research institutes and industry, the workshop was a big success. The workshop meeting was an important step towards maturing the In-Air-Capturing technology and discussing the necessary steps to implement it for future European launch vehicles. As next step, several splinter groups will be formed that focus on different aspects of the In-Air-Capturing technology, such as aerodynamics, structure, system and, optionally, In-Air-Capturing for Microlaunchers. The momentum gained in the workshop shall be carried into the splinter groups to get feedback and further discuss technical challenges and possible solutions. In combination with the research going on in FALCon, the In-Air-Capturing technology thus can be improved and brought closer to realization. More information (presentation and technical documentation) on "in-air-capturing" is available for download here: Presentation https://elib.dlr.de/140285/1/DLR-in-air-capturing.pdf Technical Report on different RLV return modes’ Performances https://elib.dlr.de/137735/1/FALCon-Deliverable-D21.pdf In-Air-Capturing Development Roadmap (State of the Art) https://elib.dlr.de/137738/1/FALCon-D22-Roadmap.pdf Scaled Experiment Scenario Description https://elib.dlr.de/137739/1/D23_Scaled_Experiment_Scenario_Description_final.pdf The workshop agenda is available for download here: Workshop_agenda.pdf